Dec 10, 2017

Ascendas Australian Chinese News Agency-Africa ACC (Amitabha Caring Center) arrives in Melbourne to host a charity party with great success

騰飛澳大利亞華人通訊社 – 非洲ACC(阿弥陀佛关怀中心) 抵墨尔本办慈善晚会圆满成功

Africa ACC (Amitabha Care Center)

Arrived in Melbourne for a complete success

The charity dinner party hosted by Africa ACC (Amitabha Caring Center) was grandly held at the Whitehorse City Hall Auditorium in Melbourne, Australia, in the evening of December 1, 2017.

From Taiwan’s Gao Sheng: Master Hui Li, the founder of the African ACC, was shocked decades ago to learn that AIDS patients ravaged Africa. Many parents died of this terminal illness. This caused countless children to lose their parents and become orphans. In addition, Africa lacks education. Many children cannot escape the destiny of poverty, so Master Huili decided to open a hospital in Malawi in 2004, hoping to help children suffering from natural disasters, diseases, wars and poverty.

Venerable Huili then extended the Buddhism spirit of Purdue sentient beings to Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia. So far he has sponsored nearly 1,000 African children and has even managed the out-of-hospital relief station (CBO). In the care of orphans, ACC has taken care of more than 8,000 children in total.
ACC plans to open a fifth campus in Mozambique. It is currently awaiting approval from the local government and hopes to continue to set up preparatory offices in 54 African countries including Kenya.

Inspired by Master Huili's perseverance and great compassion and kindness, through years of hard work, a large number of young talents have been cultivated. This magnificent action by Master Huili has touched thousands of people and won the support of governments and all walks of life. Master Huili also took African children to various countries to tour many times when conditions were ripe.

These African children are versatile, can speak Mandarin, sing Chinese songs, and can perform Shaolin martial arts. This is the third time I have come to Melbourne for charity activities, and it has received extensive attention and support from all sectors of Melbourne society. The charity banquet hall was brilliantly lit and lively.

A dazzling array of promotional booths were set up in the outer hall of the auditorium, including handicrafts, paintings, and magazines published by ACC. The guests all appreciated, collected and kept as a souvenir. The conference volunteers were busy receiving the crowds of guests and leading them into the hall.

There were dozens of seats in the venue. At the main table of the venue, Master Huili accompanied the guests: Chen Qiongyu, Director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Melbourne; City of Whitehorse Mayor Cr. Andrew Davenport; Yang Qianhui; Master Rushan; Dai Zhaoguo; Zhou Yuda; Wang Huaide; Wang Guiying; Liu Zhenxiong; Zeng Junjie; Teng Fei waited.









会场内几十桌席位座无虚席。在会场的主桌席,慧禮法師陪同嘉宾:駐墨爾本台北經濟文化辦事處 陳瓊玉處長; City of Whitehorse Mayor Cr. Andrew Davenport; 楊千慧 ;如山大師;戴肇國;周裕達;王懷德;王桂鶯;劉振熊;曾俊傑;滕飛等就座。


Before the official start of the banquet, the large Ying screens on both sides of the stage played the leading film to introduce the live situation of ACC, and at the same time played the tour advertisement clip. At 7 o'clock in the evening, a group of African boys dressed in African national costumes took to the stage to show authentic African traditional folk songs and dances. The bright, rough, natural and warm African style attracted all guests to the stage.

Immediately, the two hosts: Zheng Hongshan and Liu Rong came to the stage and announced the official start of the party.





Chen Qiongyu, Director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Melbourne, City of Whitehorse Mayor Cr. Andrew Davenport, Mayor of Whitehorse City; delivered speeches one after another, expressing his welcome and appreciation to Master Huili and his entourage, deeply admiring ACC's philanthropy, and calling on the society All sectors try their best to support.
Then, Master Huili took the stage and gave a speech, briefly introducing the growth and development process of ACC, and
expressing sincere thanks to people from all walks of life in Melbourne for their practical actions and sincere help over the years.
A certificate of appreciation will be issued to the kind and charitable people who are enthusiastically sponsored to express ACC's wishes and blessings.

驻墨爾本台北經濟文化辦事處 陳瓊玉處長,白马市市长City of Whitehorse Mayor Cr. Andrew Davenport; 先后致辞,表达对慧礼法师一行的欢迎与赞赏,对ACC的慈善事业深感敬佩,并号召社会各界尽力支持。






These units and their names are as follows:
Yunyang Temple, Jingzong Society, Baolin Temple, Melbourne Economic and Cultural Office, Baima City, Australia-China Painting and Calligraphy Art Exchange Association, World Chinese Media Association, Teng Fei Australian Chinese News Agency, Dato Liu Xiaoyuan, Vegie Bowl, 21 Taras Thangka Exhibition 2018, Serenity Acupuncture & Wellness, V Series, Tokyo Teppanyaki, Tastea, RTR Productions, Xu Baofeng, Ma Shiyuan, John Zhao, Maryanne Lim, Julianne Li, Chee Hien Mok, HB Lim, Chen Shikai, Guo Yilong , Chen Guanqun, Teng Fei and so on.

雲陽寺,淨宗學會,寶林禪寺,駐墨爾本經濟文化辦事處,白馬市,澳中書畫藝術藝術交流協會,世界華文媒體协会,滕飛澳大利亞華人通訊社,拿督 劉小源,Vegie Bowl, 21 Taras Thangka Exhibition 2018, Serenity Acupuncture & Wellness, V Series, Tokyo Teppanyaki, Tastea, RTR Productions, 許寶鳳,馬世源,John Zhao, Maryanne Lim, Julianne Li, Chee Hien Mok, H.B Lim, 陳世鎧,郭乙隆,陳冠群,滕飛等。




After the vegetarian banquet began, the performance officially opened. The program is colorful and colorful, while the vegetarian dishes are bright in color and delicious. A feast for the mouth and the eyes. And the program has diversified forms, including African folk dances, martial arts group dances, solo singing, and group singing. There are even humorous, humorous and funny like stand-up comedy or one-man show. Most of them sing in Mandarin, but also English. There are Taiwanese folk songs, Chinese pop songs, and African folk songs and dances. The content is very healthy and progressive, carrying forward the national spirit, advocating equality and freedom, and learning Chinese civilization. There is even a demonstration of Chinese Kung Fu based on disciples rules.

As on the program list: the words of the monk's father, the conversation between Di Fu and Ama's children, and the conversation between Teacher Bo Hua and Di Fu and Di Mu. There are also duet singing, chorus, boys' group singing, the dialogue between the rich, the pastoral, and Markham, and the words of these three and grandma. As well as independent performances by the three cultural and entertainment backbones of Markham, Difu and Dimu.
The calligraphy and painting auctions and lucky draws are inserted in the middle.





A (4-square-foot) Chinese landscape painting auction created by Mr. Teng Fei, the vice chairman of the World Chinese Mass Media Association, the president of Ascendas Australian Chinese News Agency, the chairman of Australia-China Calligraphy and Painting Art Exchange Association, and the national first-class artist in China, set off a wave .
The auction started from A$800. Under the promotion and promotion of the two hosts, the auction price has risen all the way. From an increase of 50 yuan each time to two thousand yuan, I have to mention that it needs to add 100 yuan once, and it still soars. After Zhou Yuda and Ping Wu, two young people, Shanren, jointly auctioned $6100.
According to Teng Fei's original wishes, all the money from this auction was donated to ACC.

Master Huili was as happy as everyone else. I stepped forward and gave a speech in front of the displayed landscape painting. It can be seen that the kindness of Melbourne's folk customs is really the Buddha's light, and the compassionate love is universally praised.

Next is the lucky draw. The director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Melbourne, Chen Qiongyu, and the Mayor of Whitehorse City, City of Whitehorse Mayor Cr. Andrew Davenport; draw various prizes. The winners came to the stage happily to receive the award.

The final prize: a large flat-screen TV, won by the Mervyn Lim couple. What is touching is that after they got the flat-screen TV from the mayor of White Horse, they decided to donate it immediately and auctioned it on the spot. As a result, they sold for 1000 Australian dollars, all donated to ACC.

Volunteers from the Thanksgiving Journey Committee include: Zhang Lingmin, Zheng Wanrong, Qin Gaoqi, Liu Zhenxiong, Liu Liang Lijun, Li Jinrong, Liang Xueyun, Lin Yicheng, Luo Jiawei, Mo Zhiquan, Liang Zhongren, Cai Zuhe, Tang Xiuqing, Sornsuda, Ruan Amei, Zhang Xiuning, Tseng Junjie Wait. All of them have given their love for their hard work and service, and have been praised by everyone.

从800澳元起拍,在两位主持人的宣传推介下,拍价一路攀升,从每次加50元,到升至两千元之后,不得不提到需加100元一次,依然一路飚升,最后在周裕達、ping wu两位青年善仁共同拍得$6100元之后一锤定音。


接下来是幸运大抽奖,由驻墨爾本台北經濟文化辦事處 陳瓊玉處長,白马市市长City of Whitehorse Mayor Cr. Andrew Davenport;分别抽出各类奖品。获奖者欢欢喜喜地上台领奖。

最后的大奖:一台平板大电视机,由Mervyn Lim夫妇获得。令人感动的是,他(她)们俩在从白马市长手里拿到平板电视后决定立即捐献出来,当场拍卖,结果卖得1000澳元,全部捐给ACC。

当晚的感恩之旅委員會義工有:張玲敏,鄭菀蓉,秦高淇,劉振熊,劉梁麗君,李錦榮,梁雪雲,林毅程,羅嘉偉,莫志權,梁鍾仁,蔡祖和,唐秀清,Sornsuda, 阮愛美,張秀寧,曾俊傑等。们都以辛勤劳动与服务付出了爱心,受到大家的称赞。



Finally, the little African actors took turns to introduce themselves, express their mottos, and encourage each other. Then the whole group went to the finale of the chorus. The ACC charity evening was a complete success in the joy of music and singing. Master Huili and the main guest took a group photo with the children. Many guests also enthusiastically stepped forward to take photos with the African friends, leaving an indelible memory.
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Yiyi News Network-2017 Wish Africa-Australia Thanksgiving Tour successfully held in Melbourne
Dec 10, 2017

Yiyi News Network-2017 Wish Africa-Australia Thanksgiving Tour successfully held in Melbourne

Ascendas Australian Chinese News Agency-Africa ACC (Amitabha Caring Center) arrives in Melbourne to host a charity party with great success
Dec 10, 2017

Ascendas Australian Chinese News Agency-Africa ACC (Amitabha Caring Center) arrives in Melbourne to host a charity party with great success