Expand Young Minds and Bridge Gaps Between Cultures

Since 2007 children from Amitofo Care Centre have had the unique opportunity to participate in humanitarian mission tours. These tours are only made possible through generous donations and have been valuable in helping raise awareness about the plight of these vulnerable children.

This is made possible by demonstrating the diverse ways our ACC campuses provide high-quality education, such as through the union of Eastern and Western schools of thought supplementary to their native African cultural beliefs.

The work achieved with the help of Amitofo Care Centre Australia allows these children to showcase their skills and talents in different performances and affords them the opportunity to visit exciting new countries. This travel gives these vulnerable children the platform to share their own culture with many other parts of the world whilst learning about different cultures themselves to help effectively close the gap between continents.

We help children to become more open-minded

So far, the countries visited by ACC representatives include Australia, Canada, the United States of America Brunei, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Interacting with students from around the world allows children from ACC to learn to embrace diversity and understand different perspectives and ways of life. The same goes for Australian students, who are given a fantastic opportunity to understand a very different culture and ask all sorts of valuable questions. These diversity-rich touring programs are therefore quite an important way to teach children – wherever in the world they’re from – about interdependence, equality, and compassion.

International Aid Programs