Born from a Calling to Help Those in Vulnerable Situations

We don’t choose where we are born into; some are born into situations out of their control. Amitofo Care Centre was born from a vision to create a human ecosystem that would help children in vulnerable environments get access to an ecosystem they deserve.

We want to give them the stepping stone they need to grow up in a safe environment and one day pay it forward by blessing the world with their talents, visions and thoughtful actions.

Helping Children in Vulnerable and Risky Situations

When a child has been born into an environment surrounded by natural calamities, disasters, extreme poverty, and unrest, they lose something so poignant and necessary for their future — the right to a good quality of life and a good education.

Those early years of life are so important in helping us prepare to handle the world; they contain fundamental developments that allow us to build opportunities for ourselves, our families, and our loved ones. All of us have the right to be able to access food, water, sanitation, safety, and education. Amitofo Care Centre understand the difficult and unfair circumstances that have been thrust upon vulnerable children in African nations, which is why we are committed to giving them the help they need to bloom and achieve in life.

We are committed to both helping in terms of charity and aid for basic necessities as well as a proper educational environment for learning and development. We want children to get the necessary skills so they can help contribute to their future and the future of their nation.

International Aid Programs