How We Apply United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Amitofo Care Centre Australia’s goals are centred around United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as we believe these are integral in supporting, educating and empowering communities.


No Poverty

We aim to minimize poverty wherever possible and protect vulnerable children facing extreme poverty by providing a complete living environment that consists of shelter, care, food, water, clothing, education, and transport.

Zero Hunger

We campaign to eliminate hunger every day for every child in our ecosystem, not just by providing food in the short-term but by teaching young people how to make their communities resilient and self-sustaining. The food we provide is highly nutritious and healthy to help uphold better community living and reduce rates of sickness and death.

Good health

Good health and well-being are vital to the quality of life, and we promote this through healthy diets and physical education, including martial arts such as Kung Fu. This approach to fitness and physical education but works to strengthen mental health abilities to help children cope with any stress life may throw at them.

Quality Education

We provide fully sponsored scholarships for vulnerable children from kindergarten to year 12 to ensure they receive the highest quality education possible. Our scholarship covers 100% of tuition and boarding and is offered through school programs that teach approved local curriculums alongside valuable additions with English and Mandarin language subjects. By providing these useful supplementary subjects we aim to help build a better future for young people at risk, especially if they choose to pursue careers in local foreign companies or competitive fields outside Africa later on.

Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity

We promote gender equality by showing girls and young women that they deserve the very best educational and employment opportunities – settling for menial and poorly paying work simply because they are women should never have to be a consideration in their promising futures.

Clean Water and Sanitation

We develop and maintain close ties with tribe, family, and culture to offer communities in need access to crucial clean water and efficient sanitation. Although building high-quality amenities is important, we don’t believe it should stop there – we also provide support to demonstrate how to sustainably create and maintain these systems so that any upkeep needs can be carried out independently.