The Thriving Communities We’ve Built Africa

Thus far we have sevenlarge-scale International Aid Programs and many ancillary humanitarian uplifting projects through flourishing campuses in countries across Africa, with exciting plans to expand and open more. As with the students attending them, each campus is wholly unique and special – we design them from the ground up to provide every bit of support possible for vulnerable communities.

How our work makes a positive impact on communities

The children we nurture through our primary and secondary school program include children that are HIV positive, poverty-stricken, homeless and usually without any kind of parental or familial social support.

Our International Aid Programs bring relief to countless others through emergency and relief food packs that consist of important foodstuffs like maize-meals, bread flour, corn kernels, rice, beans, cooking oil, sugar, salt, yeast and split green peas.

We also provide health and sanitisation parcels consistently throughout the Covid-19 pandemic that contain valuable face masks for coronavirus, soaps, dishwashing liquid, and washing powder, and our International Medical Teams help unwell communities through mobile clinics, a variety of medical treatments, medicines and medical supplies.

Amitofo Care Centre Statistics

2,190,000 Meals Provided Per Year

More than 1,200 Vulnerable Children Receive Full Care and Education in ACC Centres

18,000 Children Fed in Community Villages

More Than 10,000 Jobs Opportunity Created in Africa

Food Aid and Medical Aid to More Than 1,500 Villages


International Aid Programs